Look Up!

I am lucky enough to live in the most vibrant, most alive and saturated city in the world. New York is a dance floor filled with movement and energy with a beat that you can palpably feel on a daily basis. Fashion and style are a huge part of that energy and there is always something new to see in the streets, on the subway and in the stores if you’re looking up from your phone at the right time.

Yesterday I saw a 20-something African-American man walking down the street in Brooklyn near The Brooklyn Academy of Music wearing a black linen jumpsuit. He had painted a thick, tribal-looking white line right down the center of his face starting at his forehead and ending at the tip of his nose. He was striking. He was fierce. Are we still saying that? I hope so. He was using his body as art and it was beautiful and it was different. I felt inspired. No, I did not go home and mark my face with eyeliner but I mentally earmarked it.

You don’t have to live in NYC to find a new spark. Inspiration can be found wherever you live. You can look at thousands of boards on Pinterest and zillions of photos on Instagram. You can look at a stylish woman at your gym doing her hair in a funky and interesting way. You can look at fashion magazines in the supermarket check-out line and try a new combination of jeans and shoes that they recommend. Looking up, making an observation and taking a risk in your daily routine can lead you to take other risks in life that might have once seemed too scary.

What have you seen today that has encouraged you to make a change?

photo 1

Review, Renew, Rejoice! You deserve it…


Photography by Rue Boudoir