Bathing Suit Season

What more dreaded phrase is there than “bathing suit season?” As American women we are forced to pay attention to the horrific cycle that comes around every year like a smack in the face on a carousel ride. The shame runs deep and the demands for immediate and necessary self improvement from magazines, the diet industry and fashion designers can be crazy making. Staying home and watching Netflix on the couch could seem like the only viable solution for summer relaxation.

But thankfully there has been a wave of body positive sentiment in the air. Curvy girls are shaking their hips in magazines and TV shows telling us to embrace our perfectly human, perfectly beautiful shapes and sizes. Inspiring declarations of self love ring through the internet amidst the dirty noise of hateful criticism from nameless commenters. The website Volup2com rallies behind all body types but specifically rounder and plusher ladies. They offer great style picks and uplifting messages about positive body image. Search “curvy bathing suit” on Pinterest and there are hundreds of gorgeous options for flattering beach styles that do not include one single mumu tent dress.

curvy bikini

  • Most suits are not sized like other clothing. You probably have to go up one or two sizes to account for good coverage, kind of like bridesmaid dresses.
  • If you’re buying online, read what other shoppers have said about fit in the comment section.
  • Certain brands/manufacturers have weird sizing for swim wear. So don’t get hung up on the number on the tag. Those numbers are as irrelevant as the names real estate agents assign to “hot new” Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Just like any worthwhile, well made item, you might have to pay a little bit more for a great suit. You can dig online for deals but if you’re not in the mood for bargain hunting because you’re stressing a little bit about actually having to buy a bathing suit in the first place, listen to Donna from Parks and Recreation and treat yo self. This solid one-piece from Macy’s is really simple but offers a sexy neckline, flattering side ruching and fabric technology that provides structure and hold.

If you’re truly on a budget and are okay with buying a suit that might only take you through one or two seasons, check out this Old Navy two-piece.

old navy bikini

How cute does this mama look in her high waisted bikini with its supportive but very styling top? So cute! My friend bought this swim romper at Target and it is absolutely adorable. It offers coverage like a skirt suit but it’s more hip and retro with the support you need in the top.

Unless you’re part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht crew, you only need three or four good suits for an active season. Find suits with fit, structure (not often found in a stringy triangle top, unfortunately) and a pop of color or print (or go for all black, you dramatic vixen, you). Pair it with a fabulous hat and some sexy wedge sandals and you have yourself a beach outfit.

bikini and hat

***My biggest tip for going bathing suit shopping is to TRY ON BATHING SUITS AT HOME.*** I’m yelling because I have seen too many deflated egos left to perish under horrific overhead lighting on the dressing room floor. Listen, go home, put on some Jill Scott, take out the two or three suits you bought (check with the store about their return policy at the register or just order your suits online) and have a little solo dance party.

  • Do you like how the suit feels?
  • Can you walk around without the bottom riding up?
  • Are your bubbies in place and not spilling out of the top?
  • Can you picture yourself reclining on a chaise lounge while listening to the calming rhythm of the ocean waves as you sip a cocktail?

Then grab it now! Slather on that sunscreen, grab your shades and go have some fun this summer.

beach lounge

You deserve it, sister






Photography by Rue Boudoir