Bra Talk

Bra Talk

Extra! Extra! Real talk, bra talk right here!

The foundation for any great outfit is…proper foundation. Having your girls measured is the necessary first step for getting your bubbies up and at ’em. I recently decided it was time to go get fitted after my regular bras that I’d had for about two years were no longer making me look and feel so perky.

I live in Brooklyn and while Macy’s is taking their sweet time renovating the Fulton Mall location (they’ve eliminated their awesome bra department during construction), I took a quick walk over to Brooklyn Fox Lingerie on Court Street. What a cute little store! They carry sizes ranging in A-H cups. We’re all covered!


I’ve been wearing a lot of tank tops this summer and decided I wanted a well-fitting new racerback bra. When I arrived, I was the only customer in the store and the lovely saleslady was very accommodating and offered to measure me right away. Perhaps this is TMI but my bras up until this point have been a size 36C. This measuring magician informed me that I’m currently a 34D. Cool! The saleswoman also told me that you should get measured after every 5-10 pounds of weight lost or gained. I’ve lost about 6 pounds since April so that’s why my old bras were no longer feeling so upbeat. I bought a beautiful, black Natori Feathers T-back lace racerback bra that fits like a dream. It’s sturdy but elegant. I love wearing it!



Here are some other sweet bra-buying tips:

  1. When you buy a bra, make sure it fastens at the last possible hook. Bras stretch out so you will need to make it tighter and tighter as time goes on. Fastening it on the last hook means you’ll get two or three more hook’s worth of tightness as you go.
  2. Getting measured at a fancy store is free! Go to whatever store you like, get measured, and then, if you’re on a budget, go to somewhere like Nordstrom Rack for a name brand bra at half the price. Once you know your true size, you’ll have a buffet of bra options.
  3. Make sure the underwire sits right under your ta-tas. You will need to pick up and lift each breast to sit comfortably in the cup so that the bottom of the bra lays flat against your rib.
  4. If you find a bra you love, go ahead and buy two of them, one in a dark color, one in a light color. These workhorses will keep you going much longer if you alternate the wearings.

So whether your weight has stayed the same or you’ve had some change, it’s a good idea to update your bra selection. Your clothing will fit you better, your beauties will be more comfortable and you’ll just feel like the hot stuff you are.

Review, renew, rejoice! You deserve it!

Photography by Rue Boudoir