Sunglasses, dahling…

Sunglasses, dahling!


Sunglasses are a crowd favorite in all seasons, not just the super sunny windows of Summer and Spring. Sunglasses can change an entire attitude of an outfit. Sunglasses can draw people to you by adding mystery, they can contribute drama to your look or they can simply cover up some unfortunate situations like bloodshot eyes or hangdog dark circles.


There are zillions of shapes, sizes and colors that will look great on you but not great on someone else. I have an oval shaped face and short hair. I can somehow, some miraculous way, pull off a large, round frame. See how happy they make me? But Aviators? The devil on my face, never gonna work. I don’t have a photo of those monsters, there is no evidence!


Here’s a helpful slideshow from Miss Oprah herself to walk you through the best look for your shaped face. If you want to really see the feel and heft and curves of a pair of shades, try on a variety of options to test out what will coordinate well with your features. And here’s a quick guide below for shapes:

Sunglass shape guide

If you’re itching for an expensive pair of sunnies and but don’t want to hand over a suitcase of cash, check out online designer discount spots like Bluefly who offer up to 75% off the retail price or consignment (pre-owned) sites like 2nd Time Around. When I bought my first pair of high-end sunglasses, my good friend Kerri called them “face or case” – those suckers do not belong on the neckline of my t-shirt. They live in their protective case or on my damned face. I’ve never forgotten that and they are still in one beautiful piece today. Real Simple tells us three mistakes we’re making when it comes to the care of our sunglasses:

  1. Putting them on our head.
  2. Not getting them tweaked on a regular basis.
  3. Throwing them in our purse.

For the beach and other “rough housing” environments, I take a pair of sunglasses that are a lot less delicate and elegant so my princess shades can take the day off and remain sand and scratch-free at home. I learned that the hard way many years ago and like to take good care of the things that I value.

So find the sunglasses that make you look and feel like the down-to-earth diva that you are and have fun!

Review, renew, rejoice! You deserve it…





Photography by Rue Boudoir