Style and Glow

Last week I was so pleased to present my style tips at Weight Watchers in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for a Style & Glow event. I first met three lovely members before the event and shopped with them at Nordstrom Rack so they could model their “after” looks in front of the other members.

We discussed their lifestyle, their favorite type of clothing, how they dress now and how they would like to dress. We searched the inventory at the store and spent about two hours each trying new looks and putting together outfits that included appropriate shape wear and bras. We found beautiful shoes and jewelry to complete their looks.

Here are Aurora, Mistie and Cynthia before:




And here we all are the night of the event!

I was thrilled to present at the Style & Glow event at Weight Watchers in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn tonight! Check out these three gorgeous ladies whom I styled head to toe from Nordstrom Rack. They looked great but more importantly they felt wonderful. We are all on a journey and we deserve to shine at every stage. Right Oprah? I see you, girl. Can you tell we like patterns? @weightwatchers @oprah @nordstromrack

As you can see, each lady (I’m the short one all the way to the right in leopard print) embraced her curves and wasn’t afraid to stand out. Their “before” looks were frumpy and said, “Don’t look at me!” Now Cynthia (far left) can go dancing with her brother in her sassy wrap dress and one of the three purses I told her to buy. Mistie (middle) can rock out at an upcoming Blues concert with her husband. And Aurora (second from right) felt confident and put together at her friend’s fancy bridal shower. Not only do they look fantastic but they each said they feel wonderful!

Here are the style and shopping tips I offered to the attendees:

  • Have the right fitting bra and body shapers. Get fitted for a bra every 5-10 pounds you fluctuate.
  • Try on clothing! All designers cut differently. Calvin Klein and Laundry are generous with their cutting. Vince and Theory are not. If you feel better dressing at home, buy items and keep the tags on for easy return.
  • Play up your favorite parts of your body. Legs? Cleavage? Arms?
  • Invest in quality pieces that offer structure like jackets and pants. You can always have them tailored as you progress on your journey.
  • Trendy items can be less expensive. Old Navy and H&M are great for pieces that pair with more upscale items of clothing.
  • Find a great tailor.
  • Have FUN!


Photography by Rue Boudoir