I’ve always fantasized about having a personal shopper but never thought I could afford one.  I love Jeni’s energy and enthusiasm and her knowledge of style and what’s right for my body shape.  From cleaning out my closet, to discussing style and then off to shopping, Jeni is truly a delight to work with!

Karen G., New York, NY

When I switched careers I needed a new look. Jeni surveyed my closet, got rid of what wasn’t going to help me in my new job and made new outfits out of the clothes I still liked. Because we discussed my budget right away, the shopping part was stressfree and efficient. Jeni knew exactly where to take me. In only a few hours I feel like I got a completely new look that was 100% me but more sophisticated! Jeni made this possibly overwhelming task fun and focused. I felt so comfortable in her care and would recommend her to anyone. I look forward to working with her again very soon.

Isaac J., Brooklyn, NY

I’m a guy who knows nothing about clothes or fashion. I get overwhelmed buying socks. When I needed to buy a suit for a wedding, I turned to Jeni without hesitation. She took me out one Saturday, and literally two hours later she had found me a new Burberry suit for an incredibly good price. Shopping with her is a dream. Jeni is a Jedi of shopping.

Mark S., New York, NY

Shopping with Jeni saves time and money. While I am trying on outfits she will be combing the store floor for exactly what I am looking for. It is like shopping with your best friend who is helpful but not afraid to be objective on how something looks.

Peg W., New York, NY

I’ve always had this dream of having a really cool, smart and stylish person help me slog through the mess of my closet and help me figure it all out: what I should keep, what I should toss, what I need to get to pull it all together. Jeni not only did that, but also made it fun. A year later, I feel like the organization still lingers. I’d recommend Jeni wholeheartedly. And, she’s funny to boot. What else could a gal ask for?

Liz B., Brooklyn, NY

I felt like Jeni really listened to my shopping requirements but at the same time gently introduced a few styles and ideas I never would have found myself.  I am not the best shopper but going around stores with Jeni was like shopping with a really fun, really quick, super patient friend!  I would highly recommend Jeni for any personal shopping needs and I look forward to working with her again soon!

Ali C., New York, NY

Jeni was great at choosing dress styles I would have never picked out myself. I get so many compliments on all the clothes I bought with her! She’s so much fun to work with, too!

Ina S., Brooklyn, NY

Photography by Jenny Rubin